Bybit Fee Calculator | Calculate Bybit Spot & Futures Fees

Calculate your Bybit spot and futures fees using our free Bybit fee calculators below. You can calculate Bybit fees by entering your trade size, and selecting your order type and VIP level.

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How to calculate Bybit fees using the Bybit spot & futures fee calculators

Step 1: Enter your trade size or position size in cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Step 2: Select your order type.

Step 3: Select your VIP level which you can find on the ”My Fee Rates” page on Bybit.

Step 4*: Select the type of contracts you’re trading. (futures calculator*)

Step 5: Click the calculate button.

Note that Bybit has various events, promotions and incentive programs which may affect the fee charged from your trades.

So you might be charged a lower fee than the one calculated here or even zero fee while trading on the platform. In the case of trading fee changes, the calculators will be updated accordingly.

How to reduce Bybit fees

To pay lower spot and futures fees on Bybit, you can place maker orders instead of taker orders while trading on the platform.

If you want to pay even lower fees on Bybit, you can increase your trading volume and/or crypto/BIT holdings to upgrade your VIP level.

To learn more about Bybit fees and requirements of VIP tiers, you can refer to Bybit’s fees page.

Alternatively, you can also use Binance to trade spot and futures, which has also low fees and pretty high volume.

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To learn how to trade spot and futures on Binance and calculate Binance fees, check out our tutorials and guides below: